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    Arcade1Up Announces Ms. Pac-Man Cabinet And More

    By GameInformer,


    For years, Arcade1Up has brought classic arcade games to the home with a series of 3/4 scale machine that often include multiple games. This week, the company announced its next round of cabinets, which includes iconic games such as Ms. Pac-Man, Marvel vs. Capcom, and Big Buck Hunter. Here's the full breakdown. 

    The first new cabinet is Ms. Pac-Man. While this cabinet only features the one title, it is a big one, and according to Arcade1Up, this is the first time Ms. Pac-Man cabinets have been made for home use.

    The second cabinet is themed after Capcom's Marvel fighting games and includes two games: Marvel vs. Capcom and X-Men vs. Street Fighter. Unfortunately, we don't know when Arcade1Up plans to release this machine. 

    The third cabinet is themed after The Big Buck Hunter franchise and includes four different titles licensed from Play Mechanix: Big Buck Hunter Pro, Big Buck Hunter Pro Open Season, Big Buck Safari, and Big Buck Safari Outback. This cabinet also includes two light gun accessories for multiplayer action.

    Finally, Arcade1Up has teamed up with Zen Studios and Marvel Studios to create an immersive digital pinball machine that features haptic feedback and more than 10 pre-install games. 

    All of these cabinets are set to release sometime before this holiday season. Arcade1Up hasn't offered exact pricing details for any of these cabinets, but they typically sell for somewhere between $399-$499. 

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    marvel_pinball.jpg ms_pacman_other_room.jpg ms_pacman_office.jpg big_buck_pro_render_room_a_5.11.20.jpg big_buck_pro_render_room_b_5.11.20.jpg xmenvsstreetfighter_lifestyle_asset.jpg xmenvsstreetfighter_lifestyle_asset1.jpg



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    Control Coming To The Next-Gen Home Consoles

    By GameInformer,

    Control was our Game of the Year for 2019, and developer Remedy has announced that it is bringing the game to the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X at some point in the future.

    Given how both systems can run current-gen titles with graphical upgrades (no word specifically if Control is backwards compatible on the PS5 in particular, but we'd be surprised if it wasn't), it'll be interesting to see if the new consoles can make the game truly attractive enough for a second purchase. Of course, the better load times is one possible reason. Perhaps Remedy will also include Control's Foundation expansion as another.

    We're glad to be able to share that @ControlRemedy will be coming to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. More details coming at a later date. #PlayStation5 #XboxSeriesX

    — Remedy Entertainment (@remedygames) June 11, 2020

    [Source: Remedy Entertainment]

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    Goodbye Volcano High, A Coming-Of-Age Tale, Is Revealed For PS5 And PS4

    By GameInformer,


    Sony's "Future of Gaming" event put a lot of interesting projects on our radar for the PS5. One of those games was a cinematic narrative adventure called Goodbye Volcano High. In it, you're transported into a cartoon world of dinosaur-esque characters who are coming of age and confronting all the insecurities and uncertainties of growing up. 

    Goodbye Volcano High is a Sony exclusive for PS4 and PS5 that will also make its way to PC. 

    You can watch the poignant trailer below, which asks the big questions about growing up and finding your place in the world. Oh, and it's also the start of a love story...

    Click here to watch embedded media

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    Counterplay Games Shows Off The Fast-Paced Action RPG Godfall

    By GameInformer,

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    Counterplay Games' action RPG Godfall will take you to a fantastical world split into several realms based on Earth, Water, Air, Fire, and Spirit. Players become a member of the Knight's Order and battle to save the world from a major apocalypse. The action looks pretty fast-paced and the colors look, er, colorful. You'll also find tons of great loot to upgrade your character. 

    Check out the game in action above, which is set to release on PS5 and PC sometime later this year. 

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    Sony Shows Off First Wave Of PlayStation 5 Peripherals

    By GameInformer,


    As with every new console generation, buying the console and the games will be your primary expenses. However, outfitting your new system with all the bells and whistles can definitely drive the price up if you're looking for the most complete experience. Alongside the long-awaited reveal of the PlayStation 5, Sony also revealed the first wave of PlayStation 5 accessories.

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    dualsenseps5.jpg charging.jpg hdcamera.jpg media.jpg pulse.jpg



    It all begins with the DualSense Wireless Controller, which was initially revealed back in April. From there, you have a charging stand for the DualSense Wireless Controller, an HD camera, the Pulse 3D Wireless Headset, and the Media Remote. There is no word on if peripherals from PlayStation 4 will be compatible with PlayStation 5. Sony's top competitor, Xbox, has said peripherals from Xbox One will work on Xbox Series X.

    PlayStation 5 is set to launch this holiday season. 

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    Bugsnax Features Living Food In A Whimsical World

    By GameInformer,

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    Young Horses showed off its latest game during Sony's PlayStation 5 livestream, and it doesn't look like the studio is getting any less weirder. The Octodad creators' latest project is Bugsnax, a bright and cheery-looking game about living strawberries, doughnuts, and other tasty treats.

    Sure, sure, we know that a lot of the things we eat are (or were) living. Bugsnax takes things a bit further. For instance, the strawberry we see in the beginning of the trailer sprouts eyes and little legs, and then scurries around. In the clip, we also spy a bunch of other foodstuffs running amok.

    As far as what the game is, well, your guess is as good as ours right now. Bugsnax is coming to PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 this holiday season. We'll let you know when we learn more, including whether it's coming to other platforms. 

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