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    Chernobylite Story Trailer Offers Chilling Warning Ahead Of Its Full Release

    By GameInformer,


    Chernobylite, a survival horror RPG, has been in Steam Early Access since October 2019 but its full release is just around the corner. Developer The Farm 51, the creators of Get Even, share a haunting new trailer establishing the dark tone of the game’s narrative ahead of the game’s summer release. 

    As Igor you’ll explore the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone in Pripyat, Ukraine searching for clues regarding the disappearance of his fiancee, Tatiana, 30 years prior. It’s a dangerously radiated area that Igor is, unfortunately, intimately familiar with; he’s a former employee of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, which famously melted down in 1986. The new story trailer, narrated by Tatiana, acts as a warning of sorts to players about the dangers that await and about the nature of time, which may not be as linear as we think. 

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    Chernobylite blends freeform exploration and non-linear storytelling alone with first-person combat and survival elements such as crafting. If the Exclusion Zone proves too harsh to endure alone, you can also partner up with friends to brave the dangers together. Those who have been playing the game in Early Access can download a final big patch called The Final Stage, which serves as the last major update before the game launches in full. 

    The Final Stage features an entirely rewritten narrative, English and Russian voice overs, localization for all major languages, a new original soundtrack, and a sample of a new level, titled Heist. 

    Chernobylite launches for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC this July. Earlier this year we gave it an honorable mention nod in our top upcoming horror games of 2021. We look forward to seeing how the final product shapes up. 

    Have you played Chernobylite in Early Access and if so what do you think? Let us know in the comments!

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    Steam Client Update, June 7

    By Valve,
    • Added new game properties page to manage subscribed workshop items
    • Fixed potential game install state corruption during Steam client shutdown
    • Fixed Workshop item download loop in some cases
    • Fixed erroneous creation of empty popup windows when a Steam Store link is opened through middle click from a Community page or vice versa

    • Added an option to upload your last in-game screenshot through the paperclip menu in a chat window
    • Fixed popup windows being created with wrong position and size on Windows when running on multiple monitors with different DPI settings

    • Fixed background flickering in some games when Steam Overlay is visible

    Steam Input
    • Fixed some cases where modes bound in Action Set Layers would not work or improperly show up as empty
    • Fixed issue with repeated events not firing properly for Trackpads bound as a Button Pad
    • Added more legacy trigger settings to trigger modes in Steam Input API configurations
    • Fixed an issue with binding joystick axis outputs to buttons

    • Fixed regression in prompts to install SteamVR and appropriate drivers when installing new hardware
    • Fixed issue that caused Steam to trigger Game Theater for certain overlay applications.

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    Steam Client Update, June 7

    By Valve,

    : You can find the details for this event on the announcement page [url=https://steamcommunity.com/ogg/593110/announcements/detail/3019080835937157670]here[/url].

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    The Biggest Differences Between Psychonauts 2 And 1

    By GameInformer,

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    16 years is a lot of time by any metric, but especially in the world of video games. The industry has dramatically changed since the original release of Psychonauts and our standards for platforming in games along with it. But fear not, for developer Double Fine has been hard at work trying to ensure Psychonauts 2 will be up to the challenge of competing with 2021’s contemporary platforming experiences. Here’s how Raz’s new adventure will take the best parts of the original experience and modernize them for a new era of games.

    One of the ways Double Fine wants to make an impact with Psychonauts 2 is in the game’s combat. While there’s plenty to love about how the original title handled fights between Raz and The Censors, the development team wants to create a more fluid experience with psi-abilities at the focus.

    “So we have a really dedicated combat team and a really dedicated player powers, like psychic powers, team, and they're pretty autonomous, in a way,” Tim Schafer tells us. “They pretty much are playing and iterating and testing the game and making a lot of improvements. The goals that we set were, we want to have psychic powers be more useful in battle, [and] combat. In the first game, you mostly punched everything, I think.”

    He adds, “But in this game, every psychic power has some fun way to use it in battle, and maybe some enemy who's really susceptible to it. So there's a lot more, like, adapting your fight style to the enemy that we wanted to do in the first game. In the first game, we put a bunch of psychic powers in, and some of the people just forgot about, because you didn't have to use them. Even though they were cool and they solved a lot of problems for you, people would forget about them. So we try to make it so all the psychic powers are useful all the time and you pretty much have to switch them out as you approach a different level. You can see a lot of that.”

    Combat isn’t the only aspect of the game that’s receiving a facelift, however. There are plenty of small design tweaks that will keep players in the action instead of scrolling through menus to select psi-abilities and items. With the game’s renewed onus on pushing players to prioritize powers, the quick select wheel will be readily available but will instead allow you to map four powers to the triggers and bumpers instead of the original three. Likewise, objects such as the cobweb duster won’t be included in the game, meaning players will be able to focus on the enemy Bad Ideas and fun platforming levels in front of them.

    The upgrade system is also getting a round of positive tweaks with the inclusion of Intern Credits. Instead of automatically receiving boosts to your abilities like in Psychonauts 1, our physic hero will be able to pick and choose what powers get upgraded. If players prefer a power such as Psi-Blast over Mental Connection, they’ll have the autonomy to spend their credits to max out that ability’s power. But how does one gain these credits? Raz will rise through the ranks of the Intern program by assisting his peers, collecting Nuggets of Wisdom within brains, tracking down Psi challenge markers or cards, and more. 

    16 years is a long time to wait for a game. And while Psychonauts 2 still has plenty to show, our patience will pay off when the game finally releases later this year.

    Hey friends, Alex Stadnik from GI here. Thank you so much for watching this video. This will be our last exclusive video on Psychonauts 2, but don’t worry! There's plenty on the site to get caught up on, including looks at the new level and powers of the game, Tim Shafer's Rubik's Cube collection, and more!

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    Mass Effect Legendary Edition Update Addresses Trophy Issue, Pre-Rendered Cutscenes

    By GameInformer,


    A new Mass Effect Legendary Edition update is here and fixes some of the more unusual issues players were having. Issues like Trophy glitches, pre-rendered cutscene darkness, and more. 

    While the Legendary Edition is far less buggy than the original trilogy (big 'ol head Shepard from Mass Effect 2, anyone?), that doesn't mean it was perfect. Some players reported issues with the Paramour or Kill Count tracker achievements/trophies, while others noted headset connectivity issues. BioWare announced its plans for a patch to fix many of the reported bugs, and now that update is ready for all to enjoy, including a few PC-specific tweaks that are needed in order to fully enjoy the Normandy (and Garrus) once more. 

    Mass Effect Legendary Edition update - June 7, 2021

    For the full patch notes, courtesy of BioWare, see below:


    • English spoken dialogue can now be selected separately from subtitle language
    • Resolved issues with unlocking some achievements/trophies, such as the Paramours or kill count trackers
    • Corrected pre-rendered cutscenes that were darker than intended after the previous update
    • Wireless headsets/devices no longer cause issues with the Xbox launcher
    • Improved PC performance across various hardware configurations, including on Virmire
    • Fixed an issue on PC where non-standard characters in the operating system’s username would prevent the game from launching
      • Removed the dependency on the AVX instruction set in the launcher
    • Other minor calibrations and fixes, including some instances of crashing

    Mass Effect

    • Fixed an issue that prevented players from reaching the max level 
    • Fixed an issue where tier VII Spectre - Master Gear was inaccessible
    • Various collision improvements
    • Fixed an issue that would prevent the ability to interact with objects
    • Lowered audio volume on Mass Relay load screens
    • Improved eye animations for male characters in some scenes

    Mass Effect 2

    • Toned down the intensity of fog on Illium
    • Fixed an issue where a character’s eyes at the end of the Overlord DLC were unintentionally red
    • Reduced the max credits that can be carried from Mass Effect to Mass Effect 2 down to 100k for a more balanced early-game progression
      • Credit carryover maximum now matches carryover from the original release
      • Posthumous banking fees are a lot! It’s a great way to dodge taxes.

    Mass Effect 3

    • Resolved an issue where English dialogue no longer played during the Citadel DLC for German and Italian localizations
    • Fixed an issue where some key characters weren’t appearing as intended during the Citadel DLC

    We enjoyed our time with the trilogy remaster with our own Kim Wallace scoring the Legendary Edition a 9 out of 10. You can check out her review right here to see our thoughts on the return to the trilogy. You can also mosey on over to our game hub here for more features surrounding some of our favorite aliens, interviews with the devs, recommended mods, and so much more. 

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    Dying Light: Hellraid Gets New Story Content

    By GameInformer,


    Dying Light 2 Stay Human has been in the works for a long time. Choice-based gameplay footage dropped last month, satiating the fandoms’ years-long hunger for zombie-slaying parkour. For players that are still diving into the first game, there’s more content incoming. The Dying Light: Hellraid DLC is getting a new Story Mode as well as a bevy of additional features.

    Click here to watch embedded media

    In Dying Light: Hellraid, the world takes a dark fantasy spin where medieval blades are your go-to weapons. The new Story Mode, called The Prisoner, is a free update that can be experienced solo or cooperatively. Players will trek into the demon-infested Ba’al’s Temple to track down a powerful mage named Lucius and free him from the clutches of the evils lurking in the shadows. New locations can be explored and a new skeleton enemy type,  equipped with hulking shields, stands in the way of your journey to freedom. The gameplay trailer is reminiscent of Elder Scrolls, which might be an exciting new experience for any Western RPG fans that have been raring to play something new. 

    Two new weapons will make an appearance in your inventory: the Corrupted Justice bow and the two-handed hammer, Bonecrucher. Dying Light: Hellraid’s Raid Mode will be making a return as well, but will only be available once the narrative prologue is complete. Additionally, some technical and quality-of-life updates will be implemented to make the experience more streamlined and visually enticing. These features include better in-game animations, minimap functionality, inventory management, and more which can be read about on the patch note Steam page. 

    The latest Dying Light: Hellraid content is available today on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. You can also get access to the franchise's entire DLC package through the Dying Light: Platinum Edition. 

    Are you looking to hop back into Hellraid and does this make you even more excited for what Techland is planning for the Dying Light sequel?

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